It's no secret that we love architectural pieces and we wanted to make our unique finds and architectural pieces available for you to rent for your events. 


Depot Flat Tables

Our tables are designed and made by Preservation Company from salvaged depot flats dating back to the 1930's. They're from nearby, Birmingham, Al!

24 Rectangular Tables
6 People per Table
$15.00 per Table Onsite, $30.00 per Table Offsite  


Belgian Cafe Chairs

These midcentury beauties are wooden Belgium Cafe Chairs. They are very functional, nice and sturdy with just enough wear to add some character! 

175 Chairs Available

$1.50 per Chair Onsite, $3.50 per Chair Offsite




Church Doors

Salvaged from an English settlement in Alexandria, Egypt these doors date back to the early 1800's featuring a raw wood finish and intricate floral designs! The doorway and arch were built by Preservation Company and are finished in white. These doors may be used both inside and out to create a wonderful, cathedral like feel!

$1,750 within Madison County

$2,000 Outside Madison County

Church Doors must be delivered, set up, and taken down by Preservation Company. Pricing Below. 


Photo by Be Light Photography

Delivery and Pickup

$250 Within Madison County

$250 plus $4.50 per Mile Outside Madison County

No Deliveries or Pickup on Sundays.


This is not a complete list of our items available for rent. If you find a piece within our store that fits your needs and designs better, please do not hesitate to ask for pricing and information. 

A 50% non-refundable deposit is due at the time the reservation is made. The remaining balance is due 3 days prior to the date of the event. 
For additional information or to rent our items, you may contact us at or call 256-539-4885.