Preservation Co. Press Release 11/10/17

Posted by Jason Butler on

Present and Past Converge at the Preservation Co.

After purchasing the Lincoln Mill Commissary in Huntsville, Alabama, contractor Jason Butler and his crew at Butler Builders spent over a year authentically restoring the 1927 art deco structure. On November 16th this stunningly revitalized piece of the past will begin its new life as Preservation Company - an architectural antiques destination. Jason and his wife Christa, along with their 11 children, have worked tirelessly to not only turn the commissary building itself, but the entire Preservation Co. experience, into something that will truly enliven the senses and rejuvenate the soul.

The Lincoln Mill neighborhood, where Preservation Co. is located, is on track to relive its glory days as a hub of the city. The area has become a hotspot for upstart real estate investment, and urban renewal projects. “I love old homes and buildings that are rich with history,” said Butler while speaking about the once commissary and former home of the Renaissance Theatre on Meridian Street. But Preservation Co. will be much more than a meticulously restored historical building, it is a comprehensive experience bringing the past, present, and future together to offer something for everyone.

Expect to walk through the doors and find vintage maps, 19th century woodwork, brand new home goods, hand poured candles, and even rare oddities such as vintage plane parts. All of this is housed in the museum-worthy restored building that you will want to spend time exploring in and of itself. Also located in the Lincoln Commissary, along with the Preservation Co. will be local leather craftsmen, Holtz Leather and a future food service or coffee shop.

“Our family has always been intrigued with architecture and old buildings,” Butler recalled. Now, with Preservation Company, that love of historic workmanship, is combined with the Butler family’s joy in creating new and beautiful items and experiences together. This has been a project that all of the children have been able to enjoy and be a part of with their parents, from the teenagers who are learning the ins and outs of business, to the littlest ones who bring their smiles and hugs to the mix. “It’s really a complete business education, for all of the children,” Christa laughed. “But it’s fun, and hands on, and we get to all do it together.”

Some of those hands on projects include a few of the more unique items you will find exclusively at Preservation Co. Jason, a true artist when it comes to home design, has created ways to turn items that are over a hundred years old into brand new pieces such as lamps, furniture, and mirrors that genuinely reflect the past.

To catch a glimpse of what Preservation Co. is bringing to Huntsville, and the South, join the Butler family at their grand opening on November 16th, at 1214 Meridian Street. The opening festivities will take place from 9am-5pm and will include local favorites Hindsight Coffee and Piper & Leaf Tea Co.